My summary of the OpenStack Rocky PTG in Dublin

I was fortunate to be part of the OpenStack PTG in Dublin this February. Here is a summary of the sessions I was able to be at. In the end the second day of the TripleO meetup thursday was disrupted as we had to leave the PTG venue. However we still managed to cover a wide range of topics some of which are summarized here.

In short and in the order attended: * FFU * Release cycles * TripleO


  • session etherpad
  • There are at least 5 different ways of doing FFU! Deployment projects update (tripleo, openstack-ansible, kolla, charms)
  • Some folks trying to do it manually (via operator feedback)
  • We will form a SIG (freenode #openstack-upgrades? ) –> first order of business is documenting something! Agreeing on best practices when FFU. –> meetings every 2 weeks?

Release Cycles

  • session etherpad
  • Release cadence to stay at 6 months for now. Wide discussion about the potential impacts of a longer release cycle including maintenance of stable branches, deployment project/integration testing and d/stream product release cycles, marketing, documentation and others. In the end the merits of a frequent upstream release cycle won, or at least, there was no consensus about getting a longer cycle.
  • On the other hand operators still think upgrades suck and don’t want to do it every six months. FFU is being relied on as the least painfull way to do upgrades at a longer cadence than the upstream 6 month development cycle which for now will stay as is.
  • There will be an extended maintenance tag or policy introduced for projects that will support the LTS long term support for stable branches


  • main tracking etherpad

  • retro session (emilienm) session etherpad some main points here are ‘do more and better ci’, communicate more and review at least a bit outside your squad, improve bugs triage, bring back deepdives.

  • ci session (weshay) session etherpad some main points here are ‘we need more attention on promotion’, upcoming features like new jobs (containerized undercloud, upgrades jobs), more communication with squads (upgrades ongoing for ex and continue to integrate the tripleo-upgrade role), python3 testing.

  • config download (slagle) session etherpad some main points are Rocky will bring config download and ansible-playbook worfklow for deployment of the environment, not just upgrade.

  • all in one (dprince) session etherpad some main points: using containerized undercloud have an ‘all-in-one’ role with only those services you need for your development at the given time. Some discussion around the potential CLI and pointers to more info

  • tripleo for generic provisioning (shadower) session etherpad some main points are re-using the config download with external_deploy_tasks (idea is kubernetes or openshift deployed in a tripleo overcloud), some work still needed on the interfaces and discussion around ironic nodes and ansible.

  • upgrades (marios o/, chem, jistr, lbezdick) at session etherpad , some main points are improvements in the ci - tech debt (moving to using the tripleo-upgrade role now), containerized undercloud upgrade is coming in Rocky (emilien investigating), Rocky will be a stabilization cycle with focus on improvements to the operator experience including validations, backup/restore, documentation and cli/ui. Integration with UI might be considered during Rocky to be revisitied with UI squad.

  • containerized undercloud (dprince, emilienm) session etherpad dprince gave a demonstration of a running containerized undercloud environment and reviewed the current work from the trello board. It is running well today and we can consider switching to default containerized undercloud in Rocky.

  • multiple ceph clusters (gfidente, johfulto), linked bug , discussion around possible approaches including having multiple heat stacks. gfidente or jfulton are better sources of info you are interested in this feature.

  • workflows api (thrash) session etherpad , some main points are fixing inconsistencies in workflows (should all have an output value, and not trying to get that from a zaqar message) and fixing usability, make a v2 tripleo mistral workflows api (tripleo-common) and re-organise the directories moving existing things under v1, look into optimizing the calls to swift to avoid a large number of individual object GET as currently happens.

  • UI (jtomasek) session etherpad some main points here are adding UI support for the new composable networks configuration, integration with coming config-download deployment, continue to increase UI/CLI feature parity, allow deployment of multiple plans, prototype workflows to derive parameters for the operator based on input for specific scenarios (like HCI), investigate root device hints support and setting physical_network on particular nodes. Florian led a side session in the Hotel on Thursday morning after we were kicked out of Croke Park stadium because nodublin where we discussed allowing operators to upload customvalidations and prototyping the use of swift for storing validations.

  • You might note that there are errors in the html validator for this post, but its late here and I’m in no mood to fight that right now. Yes, I know. cool story bro

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