I am enthusiastic about all things Networking - the Internet is of course what first got me really interested - back in the day of 14.4kb dialup connections (though my first computer was my brother’s 48k Sinclair ZX Spectrum with games that came on audio cassettes). Right now I am an engineer for Red Hat working on OpenStack (mostly TripleO) and earlier on the Deltacloud project.

I recently moved back to Cyprus with my wife after a 9 year absence and its sure good to be home (well… most of the time anyway)! We live in Nicosia though I grew up in Larnaca, where I went to the American Academy Larnaca (class of ‘99).

Once upon a time I studied software engineering at Newcastle University where I went on to conduct research and earn a PhD in the general area of networks and security - Message Traceback Systems - Dancing with the Devil.

You can send me a message using contact mariosandreou com.