Deltacloud - supporting OpenNebula 3.x API

The OpenNebula driver in Deltacloud has been updated to support version 3.x of the OpenNebula API . The driver is contributed to Deltacloud by Daniel Molina and it ‘speaks’ to the OpenNebula OCCI endpoint (OpenNebula exposes both EC2 and OCCI interfaces).

Daniel Molina has put together a great ‘how-to’ for using OpenNebula through Deltacloud here.


  1. If you aren’t yet ready to install OpenNebula and just want to try out the Deltacloud-OpenNebula setup, you can use the ‘mock’ OpenNebula cloud; request an account from here
  2. Start your deltacloud server:

     deltacloudd -i opennebula -P

    where is the endpoint for the OpenNebula mock OCCI interface. Alternatively you can specify this using environment variables:

     export OCCI_URL=""
     deltacloudd -i opennebula

    You can also do the same per request on the client side by specifying the provider using the client request HTTP headers; e.g. using cURL and assuming deltacloud running at localhost:3001:

     curl -iv --user "username:userkey" -H "X-Deltacloud-Provider:" http://localhost:3001/api/images?format=xml

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