FOSDEM - 2012

FOSDEM 2012 was excellent. Red Hat had a very strong presence at FOSDEM this year and especially so in the Virtualization and Cloud Devroom where I spent most of my time. On Saturday Richard Jones talked about libguestfs, Francesco Vollero gave an introduction to the Aeolus Project, Michal Fojtik spoke about Deltacloud and I gave a talk DMTF CIMI and the work-in-progress implementation of this API in Deltacloud. There were more talks by Red Hatters, including Ryan Lane, Padraig Brady and Daniel Berrange.

FOSDEM 2012 poster

Daniel Molina gave an introduction to the OpenNebula Project. It was great to finally meet Daniel in person; Daniel has contributed the OpenNebula driver to the Deltacloud project and has recently updated this to support v3 of the OpenNebula API.

On Sunday Itamar Heim gave an overview of oVirt, Omer Frenkel spoke more about the oVirt Engine Core and Federico Simoncelli spoke about VDSM.

FSF baby t-shirt

I picked up a geek-chic t-shirt for my work-in-progress newborn (expected later this year :) ) from the FSFE stand (thanks to my very Italian friend Franscesco Vollero for the photo). This was my first FOSDEM and I was very impressed by the scale and organisation of the event. It was great to finally put some faces to names and compared to other (e.g. academic) conferences the atmosphere was very friendly and relaxed - especially for those giving talks. I really hope to go again next year.

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