Wisdom in tea

image of tea with teabag label bearing democritus wisdom

Came across this gem on my aniseed teabag today - I identified with it so much that I felt compelled to take a picture. It says (rough translation): It is not he who has little that is poor, but rather he who desires a-lot/more (φτωχός δεν είναι ο έχων λίγα, αλλά ο επιθυμών πολλά). This is attributed to the Greek philosopher Democritus who wikipedia tells me lived between 460-370 BC. As I grow older I realise that no matter how much you have, there will always be more; more stuff, more money, more. So if you never stop to reflect on and appreciate what you do have and are instead pre-occupied with what you don’t, then you will never be content. There is literally an infinite supply of “don’t haves”. Of course it is not always possible to overcome natural human instincts and impulses (such as jealousy or greed in this case) but at least we have tea to remind us every once in a while…

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