This space has been used for many things over time. These days mostly for me to dump files to for sharing for example. Professionally I am part of a Red Hat cloud engineering team, who are based, literally, all over the place. Personally I live in Cyprus. I sometimes make notes about work, mostly for personal record/consumption - would be awesome if any of this helps a fellow soul as the hundreds of random blog posts and discussions from a list of search results have helped me over the years.

06 May 2019

This was the first re-combined event with both summit and project teams gathering happening in the same week and the third consecutive year that OpenStack has descended on Denver. This is also the first Open Infrastructure summit - the foundation is expanding to allow other non openstack projects to use the Open Infrastructure foundation for housing their projects.

This is a brief summary with pointer…


18 Sep 2018

After only 3 take off/landings I was very happy to participate in the Stein PTG in Denver. This is a brief summary with pointers of the sessions or rooms I attended in the order they happened (Stein PTG Schedule)

Upgrades ci with the stand-alone deployment Upgrades SIG Edge room TripleO room

Upgrades CI with the stand-alone deployment

We had a productive impromptu round table (weshay++) in one of the empty rooms with the …


07 Mar 2018

I was fortunate to be part of the OpenStack PTG in Dublin this February. Here is a summary of the sessions I was able to be at. In the end the second day of the TripleO meetup thursday was disrupted as we had to leave the PTG venue. However we still managed to cover a wide range of topics some of which are summarized here.

In short and in the order attended: * FFU * Release cycles * TripleO


session etherpad The…


17 Jun 2016

This post is about how I was able to mostly successfully follow the tripleo-docs, to deploy a stable/mitaka 3-control 1-compute development (virt) setup so I can ultimately test upgrading this to Newton.

I wasn’t sure there was something worth writing here, but then the same tools I used to address the two issues I hit deploying mitaka kept coming up during the week when trying to upgrade that env…


03 Jun 2016

The tripleo overcloud upgrades workflow (WIP Docs) has been well tested for upgrades to stable/liberty. There is ongoing work to adapt this workflow for upgrades to stable/mitaka/newton (current master), as well as to change the process altogether and make it more composable.

This post is a description of the kinds of things I look for when monitoring a stable/liberty upgrade - verification points after a given step and some explanation in vario…


09 Jul 2013

Whilst playing around with some ideas for an OpenStack management service I need to figure out how to call the Nova service to manage Flavors, i.e. create and delete Flavors as well as listing them. From looking around at existing code (e.g. from the Nova project on Github I can see two main approaches to solving this problem

RPC or using a HTTP client. The following are some notes on these approaches to help confirm my understanding and solicit feedback. Co...


21 Mar 2013

As part of work to include Network related resource management the Deltacloud API I added support for the OpenStack Quantum API to the ruby-openstack rubygem. This code will be part of the next release of the rubygem - 1.1.0. For now you need to build the gem from my fork of ruby-openstack and these are some notes for how to try it out:

Build the Rubygem:

Clone from my fork of the repo:

[marios@name Downloads]$ git clone git://git…


20 Mar 2013

The Deltacloud API is missing the management of network resources. Many IaaS APIs still don’t have a notion of ‘network’ resource management whilst for others the Network API is relatively new. However, the Deltacoud project has received requests for the addition of network management related functionality and we’ve been discussing this on and off for the past year or so. Towards the end of 2012 we made a first attempt with some network mode…


28 Nov 2012

In case you didnt know, Deltacloud implements the DMTF Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface API (CIMI). This means that you can ‘talk’ CIMI to any of the cloud providers supported by Deltacloud, including Amazon EC2, Openstack, RHEV-M and vSphere. The documentation on the Deltacloud website is in dire need of update to include CIMI-specific information; this should be addressed soon but until then here a…


19 Nov 2012

Adding a new feature to a deltacloud driver means first checking that this feature is supported in the cloud provider client being used by that driver. For the Deltacloud Openstack driver, the client is the openstack rubygem. The following are some notes about how/why I implemented the Volumes support on both the rubygem side and the deltacloud side.

Many thanks to HPCloud for granting me access to the private beta of their Block Stor…


24 Oct 2012

I implemented the ‘multipart’/’segmented blob’ upload as described in my previous post. This ‘segmented blob’ API is not yet an official part of the Deltacloud API as it still needs to be discussed/improved/prodded etc. Right now I’ve implemented this functionality for the Openstack and EC2 drivers (i.e. swift and S3 respectively) as a proof of concept - so azure and google storage are still pending.

For the EC2 driver, some changes were required in the…


08 Oct 2012

Apart from the compute infrastructure abstractions, Deltacloud has support for blob storage via the ‘buckets’ collection. Right now you can create a ‘blob’ via a HTTP PUT on the ‘bucket’ in which you want the blob to be created:

PUT /api/buckets/mybucket/12Jul2011blob?format=xml HTTP/1.1 Authorization: Basic AU1J3UB2121Afd1DdyQWxLaTYTmJMNF4zTXBoRGdhMDh2RUw5ZDAN9zVXVa== Content-Type: text/plain Content-Length: 128988 X-Deltacloud-Blobmeta-Version:2.1 X-Deltacloud-…


03 Aug 2012

This post is so long overdue that I’ve forgotten much of the details involved. In short, there’s a new rubygem in town for talking to Openstack. Well - ‘new’ is definitely an exaggeration; the ruby-openstack gem is the merger between the ruby-openstack-compute and ruby-cloudfiles gems.

Now why would you want to do that?!

The deltacloud openstack driver was recently (o_O) updated to work with v2 of the OS (Nova) API. At that time I used the the ruby…


06 Apr 2012

I’m currently implementing the CIMI Network entities for Deltacloud - this post introduces these and shows some examples of how a client can use Deltacloud to interact with a CIMI server, using the CIMI REST API.

The DMTF Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI) is still a work-in-progress. As far as I am aware, Deltacloud is currently the only project offering an implementation of the CIMI REST API. Since CIMI itself is still…


05 Mar 2012

First off I should note that the following is not really a head-to-head comparison; that wouldn’t be fair. CIMI is still a work in progress - current version at time of writing is 1.0.0c. Similarly, the Openstack Networking API - Quantum - is still an incubator document.

Furthermore, whilst CIMI contains all the ‘bits’ of the Networking API required to (for example) put two Machines on the same subnet, Quantum is only 2/3 of the story. Quantu…


23 Feb 2012

The first iteration of the updated Openstack driver for deltacloud has just been sent to the mailing list. For now only ‘compute’ (nova) is implemented… ‘object-storage’ (swift) will follow soon. Some work will be needed on the ‘cloudfiles’ rubygem to make it work with the Keystone identity service (will likely end up merging cloudfiles and the openstack/compute rubygem or some such).

###Calling all testers!



16 Feb 2012

So the folks at HP are running a private beta of their HP Cloud Services. They were kind enough to give me access to their beta program and it was perfect timing as I’m trying to update the Deltacloud Openstack driver to v1.1 of the Openstack API.

I’m using the openstack-compute rubygem to talk to the HP cloud. I had some issues getting it all to work, mainly because I’m new to the Openstack API and also because I was trying t…


15 Feb 2012

The OpenNebula driver in Deltacloud has been updated to support version 3.x of the OpenNebula API . The driver is contributed to Deltacloud by Daniel Molina and it ‘speaks’ to the OpenNebula OCCI endpoint (OpenNebula exposes both EC2 and OCCI interfaces).

Daniel Molina has put together a great ‘how-to’ for using OpenNebula through Deltacloud here.


If you aren’t yet ready to install OpenNebula and just want to try out the Del…


13 Feb 2012

FOSDEM 2012 was excellent. Red Hat had a very strong presence at FOSDEM this year and especially so in the Virtualization and Cloud Devroom where I spent most of my time. On Saturday Richard Jones talked about libguestfs, Francesco Vollero gave an introduction to the Aeolus Project, Michal Fojtik spoke about Deltacloud and I gave a talk DMTF CIMI and the work-in-progress implementation of this API in Deltacloud. There were more talks by Red Hatters, including Ryan Lane, P…


06 Feb 2011

Last week I was in transit through a European airport (which shall remain unnamed) and I was very pleased to find that free wi-fi Internet access was provided. This was however limited to 60 minutes after which time you would have to pay for continued use. I immediately wondered how such a limit might be enforced… the obvious candidate is by Mac address… how else could they do it right? So after enjoying a coffee and my hour of gratis, s…


19 Jan 2011

Came across this gem on my aniseed teabag today - I identified with it so much that I felt compelled to take a picture. It says (rough translation): It is not he who has little that is poor, but rather he who desires a-lot/more (φτωχός δεν είναι ο έχων λίγα, αλλά ο επιθυμών πολλά). This is attributed to the Greek philosopher Democritus who wikipedia tells me lived between 460-370 BC. As I grow older I realise that no matter how much you have, there will always be more; …


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